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Quote from kungFu-master :

Thanks for the early posting. But boy, has Costco become like Sams?? Nothing exciting in their sales – not even in the Vitamins and Sugar Bars section this month. The only consolation is those nice pair of legs – err, I mean shorts.

TP and oil are probably good deals, the shop lights are nice (already have em though), atlantic samon is always good, spinach and cheese ravioli I could do, but not feeling much else.

The S9 is a ripoff, it was just $100 cheaper on their mother’s day weekend sale, and no way a USB battery bank is worth $100.

Also the litter I highly recommend against. They put a massive amount of perfume in there, which not only turned my cats off even diluted 30% to 70% non-scented other stuff, but it was so strong it even sickened me.

If there was ever a good thing to buy on Amazon over in-person, it would be adult diapers… and in massive bulk no less. I suppose it would go well with a bulk order of some spicy tacos from the fridge section.

And whats with the craze for pre-popped cold popcorn? Fresh popped is so much better and easy to make.

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