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Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner: $349.99 + FS


Quote from Deal2go :


I’ve yet to see a swiffer, wet or dry, that will pick up spilled cereal, cat litter, and small debris from the floor. And I like the idea of fetching a stick vacuum off the shelf and getting it all picked up without having to touch the debris, or hunch over to find the swiffer cloths, or get my hands dirty putting the cloth on and taking it off (especially wet). I’d be done with the Dyson (or any other similar stick vac) before I even was ready to start pushing debris around with the swiffer.

Likewise I wouldn’t even consider using the Dyson for what the Swiffer is designed for–actually washing the floor.

I bigger concern of mine as a first-time Dyson owner is how utterly scammy their entire sales model seems to be. They advertise multiple models for everything with no obvious comparison, the prices seem to fluctuate weekly or even daily, and as noted, there isn’t even a rhyme or reason to the madness. Today gold is on sale. Tomorrow blue is 20% off. Then magenta is 15% off with tools. Buy a V6, but wait, the V8 has this tool on sale today but the V6 will have it tomorrow.

Why are there even priced color options? Surely it costs the same to paint a metal tube blue as it does orange. The only other places you’d pay more for a different color are Pokemon games, makeup, and cars. And the latter two are already pretty shady markets.

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